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Korzenowsky Custom Carpentry is an Authorized Sunspace Sunroom Dealer based out of Dauphin, Manitoba. We have been providing Custom Carpentry services to Dauphin and areas since 1996. Our service area includes McCreary, The Narrows, Ste. Rose du lac, Winnipegosis, Waterhen, The Pas, Flin Flon, Swan River, Roblin, Lake of the Prairies, Russell, Yorkton, Canora, Kamsack and anywhere in between! We are a factory trained installer for Sunspace Sunroom products. Sunspace Sunroom products can assist you in extending your enjoyment of your indoor/outdoor spaces in your home, cottage or commercial space. All rooms are custom designed to complement, upgrade and expand your existing space. Whether it is a Sunroom, Screen Room, Patio Cover, Porch Enclosure, Decks, Railings, Sunshades or WeatherMaster Porch Windows & Doors we will work with you to design the space best suited for your lifestyle.

A fair amount of planning is taken to create the room that best suites your use requirements and the style design. Often there are structural and cosmetic accommodations required prior to installing your new room. In consideration of these requirements and the manufacturing process, planning in advance of the season is highly recommended.

Screenrooms & Sunrooms

Model 100 Screen Room

The Sunspace Model 100 Screen Room provides full ventilation while limiting exposure to sun, wind and insects allowing you to enjoy lounging, dining or entertaining in your outdoor space. These custom units can be installed directly onto an existing patio or deck attached to your existing structure or freestanding. The Model 100 Screen Room upgrades easily to a Model 200 WeatherMaster Sunroom at any time.

Available in White, Driftwood, Bronze, Black and Grey.

Model 200 Sunroom – WeatherMaster

The Model 200 features WeatherMaster Vertical 4-Track Vinyl Windows exclusively from Sunspace. The flexibility of the integration of the WeatherMaster windows easily makes this our most popular Sunroom! WeatherMaster Window Systems & Model 200 Sunrooms are custom designed modular units. The vertical 4-track View Flex Vinyl (available in a variety of tints) glazed panels easily stack up, stack down or bunch in the middle for up to 75% ventilation. This allows for customized protection from sun, wind, rain, and pollen.

Available in White, Driftwood, Bronze, Black and Grey.

Model 300 3-Season Sunroom

The Model 300 Sunroom by Sunspace with its Sunspace Roof System, gutters and single glazed glass windows extends use of your outdoor space up to 3 seasons! Each room is custom-designed and may be installed over an existing deck or porch! Enjoy your extended living space protected from bugs, weather, and UV Rays!

Available in White, Driftwood, Bronze, Black and Grey.

Model 400 Insulated Sunroom

Manitoba weather can be unpredictable ! The Sunspace Model 400 Thermal, Insulated Sunroom can take your extended living space to a new level of comfort through the Seasons! With Double glazed, low e windows, Sunspace insulated roof system and Therma Deck floor system we can customize your space for comfort and enjoyment of the outdoors longer!

Available in White, Driftwood.


Converting your existing area into a versatile enclosed outdoor living space is easy with Sunspace WeatherMaster Window Modules!! Updating screened window openings or installing floor to ceiling modules is easily accomplished.

Option 1: Weather Master vertical 4 track windows are custom built to fit your existing openings. Sunspace Weather Master windows provide up to 75% venting and open from either the top or bottom for choice of air flow direction. Learn more HERE.

Option 2: Sunspace finished wall systems are custom built to fit directly into your design measurements. No extra framing is required with this maintenance-free enclosure option! Using your existing roof and post structure as a base, custom Wall Modules are designed to create an instant enclosed area extending your enjoyment of your outdoor living space!

The flexibility of the Sunspace Wall System allows customized options for the kick (area below the windows) as well as the transom (area above the windows) in height and material (solid, tempered glass, Viewflex vinyl) to accommodate your use, and environmental requirements. Screen Only is also an option.

Enjoy your space protected from the bugs, wind, rain, dust, snow, and pollen with Sunspace porch conversion systems! 

Sunspace Sunroom products line includes Sunshades to assist in managing the sun shining into your space! Check them out HERE.

Weather Master Windows and Doors

WeatherMaster Window Systems are exclusive to Sunspace!

The Vertical 4-Track Vinyl Windows are maintenance-free units perfect for easily converting any space into a 3 Season room!

Each window unit is custom designed to fit the space. The View Flex vinyl glazing is tough, resilient, light weight and easy to clean. It has better thermal conductivity than a single pain of glass. View Flex vinyl is available in a variety of tints for controlling the sunlight.

Reduce bugs, wind, rain, snow, dust and pollen with these resilient window systems backed by a Manufacturer Factory Warranty. WeatherMaster Window Systems are an amazingly versatile solution to expand your outdoor area’s functionality and comfort.

Available in White, Driftwood, Bronze, Grey, Black.

View colors and screen and vinyl options HERE

Sunspace Sunroom products line includes Sunshades to assist in managing the sun shining into your space! Check them out HERE

WeatherMaster Single & French Style Entry Door

The perfect partner to the WeatherMaster Windows is the Vertical 4-track Entry Doors! With the option to custom build the kick height to match the adjoining window knee wall height the Sunspace entry door will unify the look of your new sunroom or porch enclosure. The door has stainless steel hardware, including 4 hinges to prevent sagging and increase durability. Custom Sizes are available in both the single or French door styles.

Available in White, Driftwood, Bronze, Grey, Black.

View colors and screen and vinyl options HERE

Reasons to Choose ViewFlex Vinyl glazing:

WeatherMaster® Windows and Doors are glazed with ViewFlex, a tough, resilient Vinyl

  • Provides more safety and durability than glass

  • Light weight and easy to clean

  • Energy efficient with better thermal conductivity than single pane glass

  • Protection from the elements, insects, dust, and the sun’s harmful UV rays

  • Backed by manufacturer factory warranty

  • Over 40 years of time tested durability

  • Available in clear, smoke, bronze, and dark gray

*Not all designs are available in all options. Please contact us for more details.*

Patio Covers

For the space that only requires a cover Sunspace has 3 options. Each roof option is available in either a Studio or Gable pitch.

Sunspace durable acrylic sheets are guaranteed to retain 90% light transmission and clarity for 30 years. The range of solar tints available allows different levels of light transmission & heat reflection while blocking damaging UV rays.

Available in Clear, Bronze, Solar Cool White, Heatstop Pearl, Heatstop Cool Blue

Sunspace Thermal Insulated Roof Systems are constructed with a high density foam core with aluminum skins laminated on both sides or have an OSB exterior to accommodate standard shingles. Panels are available in thicknesses of 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch to accommodate design load requirements. Panels easily accommodate Skylight installation.

Aluminum stucco colors available are: white, driftwood & bronze.

The Sunspace Hybrid Acrylic Roof combines the acrylic roof panels with the Thermal insulated roof panels for endless possibilities for sunlight control.

Whichever roof style you choose an overhang with an internal water trough system and a heavy duty extruded aluminum gutter and fascia are always included.

Aluminum Railing System and Fences

Sunspace offers an Aluminum Railing or Fence System to suite your outdoor living space. Handrail is available in Picket, Belly Picket, Traditional Glass, Contemporary Glass or Integrated screen Pickets. You can choose to match the color of your new Sunspace Sunroom, or your existing exterior finish of your home, cottage or business. Extruded from 6063-T5 structural aluminum alloy and virtually maintenance free, Sunspace Railing systems are suitable for interior, exterior, residential and commercial projects.

Available in White, Driftwood, Bronze, Grey, Black

Decking Systems


Therma-Deck is a pre-manufactured floor deck that is both strong and insulated. EPS insulation is sandwiched between ½” OSB to 4-1/2” (R17), 6-1/2” (R26), and 8-1/4” (R35) thickness for a solid product.

Panels are up to 4’ wide and 24’ long. Finished flooring is installed on the finished surface. With the natural strength of Therma-deck it may also be used as a roofing product. This facilitates the application of shingles and a variety of ceiling finishes.

AlumaDeck & Stairs

AlumaDeck aluminum decking is a watertight, slip resistant decking that will not rust, crack, fade or degrade from the elements or conduct heat like wood, plastics, or composites will. Fire resistant, free from harmful toxins, and recyclable; it is a Green product! It is guaranteed to outlast any wood, membrane, or plastic based products. Planks are 6” wide to a maximum length of 22’. Capable of spanning up to 32”.

AlumaDeck is suitable for home, cottage, or commercial use.  Perfect for decks, patios and docks!

AlumaDeck Stairs are the perfect pairing with Sunspace AlumaDeck. The entire system is aluminum; stringers, stringer caps, stair tread, and nosing. The stair rise requires additional support beyond 5’2”, widths from 3.5’ to 12’, tread depth of 12” and rise from 5” to 7-7/8”.

AlumaDeck and AlumaDeck Stairs are available in Grey, Sand, Cedar, and Weathered Wood.

Sunspace Sunwall

Privacy Screen and Windbreak

Here is another fabulous example of the flexibility of Sunspace Sunroom products! Combining the Sunspace Acrylic panels and aluminum glass rail post creates a maintenance free solution to many issues that may affect your enjoyment of your back yard space!

Wind mitigation
Diminishing sight lights
Muting sound transfer
Brightening a dark corner

Enjoy your outdoor space in the privacy the Sunspace Sunwall can provide for years to come!

Available in Standard colors: white, driftwood, bronze, black, grey

Commercial Applications

The great selection and features offered by Sunspace product lines lends well to design solutions for commercial applications as well! Any base model (model 100-400) can be customized to fit your unique design requirements. With the trend towards more outdoor services, Sunspace products can assist with accommodating your use and assist in managing the environmental elements.

Some ideas are:

  • Restaurant Patios

  • Event viewing lounges

  • Balcony enclosures

  • Service bar/ window

  • Wind/privacy walls

  • Outdoor common areas

Contact us today to see how Sunspace Sunroom products can accommodate your unique project design!



Sunshades are Sunglasses for your sun room! Designed specifically for your Sunspace Sunroom and Porch Enclosures, they seamlessly provide UV, heat, glare, and light reduction. Fabric is 75% PVC and 25% Polyester, available in 3% or 5% openness factor. They also function as a privacy screen. Measured and manufactured to fit your windows. Available in 10 colors to complement any interior. white/white, white/linen, white/whitepearl, white/sand, sable/ash pearl, sable/shale, ash/tan stone, midnight/magnetic stone, black/black, midnight/tan stone.


Sunspace has aluminum round decorative fluted column covers. 6” and 8” diameter covers are available in 8’, 9’, 10,’and 12’ lengths. Base plates are available. Round decorative column covers are available in White Only.

Square aluminum decorative fluted column covers are also available in 6” and 8” widths in 8’, 9’, 10,’and 12’ lengths. Base Plates available. Square column covers are available in White, Bronze, Driftwood, and Black

Sunlight Valence

Sunspace Sunlight Valence offers the opportunity for unique lighting options above the windows in your Sunspace. The channel allows lights run in the Valence to project upwards onto the ceiling creating an ambient lighting after the sun goes down. The Sunlight Valence comes in colors to match your Sunspace room.

Available in Standard Colors: white, driftwood, bronze, black, grey

Electrical Channels

Sunspace Sunroom Products offer a solution to delivering electrical connections in your Sunspace room! Electrical channels may be specified between the wall panels to facilitate electrical wiring.


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